The CSE Manual 9th Edition

Scientific Style and Format for Authors, Editors, and Publishers

Additional Resources

Usage and Prose Style

Many books offer guidance on clear writing and appropriate usage. This list includes primarily guides with broad scope.

Aarts B. The Oxford dictionary of English grammar. 2nd ed. Oxford University Press; 2014.

Baron D. What’s your pronoun: beyond he and she. Liveright; 2020.

Bernstein TM. The careful writer: a modern guide to English usage. Atheneum; 1973.

Brown RW. Composition of scientific words. Rev. ed. Smithsonian Institution Press; 1956.

Butterfield J, editor. Fowler’s dictionary of modern English usage. 4th ed. Oxford University Press; 2015.

Casagrande J. The joy of syntax: a simple guide to all the grammar you know you should know. Ten Speed Press; 2018.

Dreyer B. Dreyer’s English. Random House; 2019.

Fogarty M. Grammar Girl’s quick and dirty tips for better writing. Holt Paperbacks; 2008.

Garner BA. The Chicago guide to grammar, usage, and punctuation. The University of Chicago Press; 2016.

Garner BA. Garner’s modern English usage. 5th ed. Oxford; forthcoming.

Gower E. The complete plain words. Gowers R, reviser. Penguin Books; 2015.

Seely J. Oxford A–Z of grammar and punctuation. 3rd ed. Oxford University Press; 2020.

Truss L. Eats, shoots & leaves: the zero tolerance approach to punctuation. Gotham Books; 2004.

Walsh B. The elephants of style: a trunkload of tips on the big issues and gray areas of contemporary American English. McGraw-Hill; c2004.

Williams JM, Bizup J. Style: lessons in clarity and grace. 12th ed. Pearson; 2016.

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