The CSE Manual 9th Edition

Scientific Style and Format for Authors, Editors, and Publishers

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Q: I've tried searching The CSE Manual Online but am unable to find the answer to my question about a style matter. Are your technical support agents able to answer my inquiry?

A: Unfortunately, no. If you cannot find the information that you are looking for in The CSE Manual Online, please submit it to The Chicago Manual of Style Online Q&A feature. Please note that we are unable to answer every question we receive. Subscribers may also post questions on The Chicago Manual of Style Online Users Forum under the section dedicated to The CSE Manual, where readers discuss style matters.

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Q: When will the content of The CSE Manual Online be updated?

A: The editorial guidelines presented in the ninth edition of The CSE Manual Online will be updated online during the course of the edition and in print at the time of the subsequent impression of the printed book. This includes typographical corrections, minor clarifications, and the addition or modification of recommendations.

See our Editorial Policy for more information.

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