The CSE Manual 9th Edition

Scientific Style and Format for Authors, Editors, and Publishers

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements for Institutional Access to The CSE Manual Online

The CSE Manual Online website requires JavaScript and Cookies in order for institutional users to view protected content. The site sets session and persistent cookies. The persistent cookies will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity, but they automatically renew when the user attempts to access the site again.

Domain Names

If institutions access the site via proxy or use any other security software on their networks, settings must allow both Javascript and Cookies and allow redirects between the following two domains:

  1. Main Website Content Access
  2. Authentication Access Service (not accessible directly)

Please link to to access content. The ninth edition is the default edition when logging in. The eighth edition is easily accessible from the Home page.


Please note that the authentication service now uses SSL; the runs on https.

Sample EZProxy Configuration 

Option DomainCookieOnly
T CSE Manual Online
Option Cookie

Sample Third-Party Security Software: Web Filtering

Websense, Untangle, Palo Alto, Fortiguard, etc.
Please configure all third-party security software to allow traffic to both domains listed above, as well as allow JavaScript, session, and persistent cookies to be passed to the client browser.